do you remember? the moment when you feel like crying but you try to held it back?
well..why hold back?
just let it go!
you know, it is not so bad to let it all out and cry like a baby.
because, it is not good to hold it will just hold it and hold it and hold it until you feel like there doesn't have a meaning in life anymore.
don't do that to yourselves just because you're afraid to let it all out!
you deserve better than that.and everyone too deserve better than that.
it is not about being weak or is about being brave enough to let it go and share it with someone.
and, even if there is no one to share it with can still let it go and try your best to fix your problem. can stand up on your own after that and smile again!

One day, when I just got home from school...I sighed and saw a things that I rather not like to see.Seriously?!Does it just have to happen everyday or what?? I think about it in my mind...
Just when I thought that I finally get a peace time for myself, I heard a scream of help that I have heard everyday.I went to the kitchen and saw my mother with a pan that has probably will never get used again and an exploded oven.My mother said to me "Why are you just standing there?Come here and help me!Get the plate.This time it will definitely make you say that my cooking is absolutely the most delicious in the world!".I sighed and get the plate for my mother who put the black thing that I bet is the 'dish' that she is trying to cook with hard effort until the kitchen is half destroyed."Come on!Try to eat it!I am sure you will die from happiness when you eat my dish this time."my mother said while smiling.I put on a fake smile and look at the 'dish' and sweat dropped because of it.I will definitely will never put that thing in my mouth even if I die!It look like it will probably eat me rather than I eat it!How could that even be called a 'dish'?! just when I was about to have a glaring contest with the said 'dish', my mother broke the silence since the time when my mother asked me to eat it by saying "What is wrong?Won't you eat it?or are you sick?" with a worried look on her face for me."I'm sorry but I am just fine it is just that...I already full and am not hungry to eat it!How about you eat it yourself?I'm sure that it was delicious!"I said to my mother to not make her worried and avoid from eating the 'dish'."Oh really?It is such a shame...and here I thought that you will finally eat my cooking!Oh well...there will always have next time.Um...will you help me clean the kitchen?"my mother said and took the plate and leave the kitchen.As my mother leave the kitchen, I stand there doing nothing and sighed and said "Hah....Do I seriously really have to deal with this everyday?" to myself and proceed to clean the mess that my mother make in the kitchen.I wonder how my mother make the 'dish' and managed to destroy the kitchen?
Manusia adalah makhluk yang tidak mampu untuk meneruskan hidup jika keseorangan...
Jika ada yang menangis hati akan berasa terluka melihatnya
Jika ada yang ketawa hati akan berasa gembira dan ketawa dengannya
dAN jika ada yang marah hati akan mengharap bahawa orang yang dibenci itu bukanlah dirinya.
Kerana hati ini adalah mudah terluka dan sedih dengan hanya kata-kata sahaja.
Maka diri ini mengharap bahawa manusia tidak akan mengeluarkan kata-kata yang kejam kepadanya.
Adakah diri ini salah jika dia ingin dicintai oleh manusia?
 Once upon a time, there is a man who love to fib and his name is Jack.He did fib and tell a lot of story about his adventure.One day, he met a cute little girl coming to him and ask a question."Hey!Why do you like to tell a lie?" ask the little girl to him."Who told you that I like to lie?" he asked back and the girl say "My family did.'' "Listen!I do not lie okay?!But...I fib!!"say Jack to her.She does not feel satisfied and ask another question to him "Then...what is the difference between a lie and fib?'' "A lie is to used to trick others but a fib is used to trick yourself."Jack answered with a sad face."Why did you must trick yourself?"the girl try to ask another question again."It is because I am lonely I guess..."say Jack."Then...I am going to be a your wife when I grow up!!So you don't have to fib and feel lonely anymore!"say the girl to him with a smile."What the heck is that?!Is that a lie or a fib?"say Jack while laughing at it."It is not a lie nor a fib but the truth!"say the girl with an angry face on her."Heh!Really?Then I will wait until you grow up, okay?!"say Jack thinking that girl will forget about it as she grew up."Okay!It is a promise then...I will marry you when I become an adult!"say the girl to Jack with a smile."Hmp!You better hurry up and go home.Your family will be get worried about you if you are late to be at home."say Jack to the girl."Yeah!Thanks for telling me.I will go home now.Good bye!"say the girl in a hurry.As the little girl is gone, Jack muttered something and feel sad about it."Aaah...Telling the truth, eh?It sure make me remember about you.Melissa..."Jack whispered about it while remembering his past.
  Long time ago, Jack was still a man who tell the truth to people and like to tell a story.He like to tell a story to people especially the one that he love and her name is Melissa.She love to hear a story and does not like to lie.He would tell a story everyday to Melisa and make her laugh by hearing his story.One day, she got into an accident and die.During the time that she was about to die, she whispered something to Jack who was by her side panicking at what to do.She say"Jack, from now on please do not lie okay?Tell the truth to people and they will be happy to...." to Jack as she was taking her last breath and die.Jack got really sad and regret it.As from that day on, Jack started telling a fib to people while saying "It's not a lie it is?Melissa..."to himself with a sad face.
 As time past by, Jack become older and older.Finally, he become an old man.Even so...He still love to tell a fib after he become an old man.Until one day, he met with a woman who that suddenly say that she was his future wife and was going to claim a promise that she made with him.Jack feel confused and think it was just a lie or a fib until the woman said"It is not a lie or fib but the truth!"to him.When the woman said that to him, he finally understood that she was the little girl from the past.He laughing and said"Hey, you!I understand...You're the little girl from before, right?!"to her."I am not 'you' or 'little girl' but Mary!So?Are you going to marry me now?!"said Mary while feeling angry and pouting.Jack laugh again and said"Well...I believe it would be a waste to reject a proposal from a pretty woman I am now an old man and not suited for you.How about this?In exchange for rejecting your proposal, I will tell the truth for the rest of my remaining life from now on."to her with a smile."O...o..kay!But..but you must let me take care of you!You got it?!"said Mary while blushing remembering that Jack just told her that she is a pretty woman.Jack smiled and agreed to it.Just like that, Jack abide to his promise and tell the truth for the rest of his remaining life.Jack finally in the brink to death.He whispered something to Mary who was by his side.As he whisper it, he smile and took his last breath.Mary just cry and cried for his death.She cry as hard as she could and finally smile and said "Idiot!You're too late..."to herself as she was remembering about what Jack said to her.Jack last word as he was to die is"I'm sorry for being late...but I really do love you!And it is the truth...".
 Time past by after Jack death, and there was a story around about a woman who love to tell a story and always say the same thing after being questioned about whether the story is the truth or not.She would say"It is not a lie or a fib but the truth".The woman would travel far far away and tell a story.She wanted to tell the world a love story between a man who love to fib and the one that he love.She spend the rest of her life like that with a smile.
Make people happy all the time.
Whether it is happy or sad moments, it is always be fun to be together.
Together we do silly things but when times come for separation, we will probably cry with all we have.
But... in the end, we could not help but smile while thinking of the past.
Be good to people and they will do good to us too...
Human may be a look like a fool for making mistake.
But they are smart for learning from the mistake and never do it again.
It is human nature to make mistake and that can't be helped.
But Allah is the Most Forgiving and can forgive us for what is done.
Even Rasullah can forgive the one that throw a rock at him. about us?
Should we get angry because of  one simple mistake and make them feel guilty forever?
We should learn from the mistake and forgive the one who has done the mistake.
It is useless to just stay angry.
So instead for making an enemy, how about making a friend?
We are Muslim and we have no fear(in Palestin) except for Allah.
But... now Islam has been forgotten by people.
Where is Islam?we ask...
Where is courage?we ask...
Where is the country of Islam that is so big and successful long ago?we ask...
No one answered except our self...
We know the answer better than anyone.
We know about what to do more than anyone.
What will we do?
Just looking and be satisfied with what we have now?
Think about what to do and do what you think is right...
If you think just by looking is enough then just do it.
But... you will surely regret it one day.